Stock Options (Single)

by Kudos the Kid

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All tracks written and recorded by Kudos the Kid at Made In Jax Studios in Jacksonville, Fl unless otherwise noted.

Track 3 produced by Bill Beats


released March 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Kudos the Kid Jacksonville, Florida

Kudos the Kid is a DIY indie hip hop duo out of Jacksonville, Fl

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Track Name: Stock Options
Dreams are jokes to most folks I guess
But most folks confess that they've settled for less
In the morning conversations over cups of coffee
They don't recollect walking on the moon or killing zombies
With one quick kiss
He’s out the door again
With his paper sack lunch
And his carpool friend, blank stares
Mingled with the small talk
He’s measuring his moments by the minutes on the time clock
Nonstop always starring at the same screen
Off white aesthetic always seems to be the main theme
He’s in a place where the meaning of success
Is to get a bigger office
Fill it with a bigger desk
Dealing with the stress
Cause he’s sick of the charade
Cause the longer that he sits
Makes it harder not to stay
He’s counting down the seconds until his very last day
But you know they got him thinking
“Well at least I got paid”

Wake up another day another dollar
Gotta break a sweat to buy yourself out of the squalor
Got a golden touch turning rags to riches
It’s a concrete jungle and it’s getting vicious

I was never one to keep my power in my tie
I was never one to learn a skill I can’t apply
It’s not a lack of motivation in my drive
But I was never one to start the same routine everyday at nine
I’m not a prototype automated worker bee
Or just another collar integrated in the faculty
They always tell me “get your feet back on the ground”
But I am not the poster boy for the igeneration casualty
Now the find themselves shuffling these papers
And they do it for the wealth
And to keep up with their neighbors
Put their passion on the shelf
Push it off till later
Till they wake up and they’re feeling like some strange impersonator
And they tell us that’s the good life
Silver bread knife
Predictable stability is racking up a steep price
I think success needs a drastic redesign
Never settle for the dim when there’s a million ways to shine
Track Name: Counterfeit
It’s a new world order
Paid for with boredom
Reality stop, rewind, record it
Seen through a lens that’s cracked and distorted
I work a nine to five cause it helps me afford it
New voice with the same old theme
They’ve got, no vision all they see is green
It’s like, trend setters trying to set the scene
They try to peddle it on billboards and magazines
They say my life in a mess
Please sir invest
You work so hard and you deserve the best
I’m like thanks, no thanks and I must confess
That I am under the impression more is always less

Make money, money
Fake money, money
There’s some sharks in the tank and they’re sitting sunny
At the end of the day
Gonna throw it a way
So find a new way to spend
Fake money, money
Make money, money
Fake money, money
There’s some vipers in the pit and they’re getting chummy
At the end of the day
Just gonna die and decay
So find a new way to save
Fake Money, money

They say it’s not what you know it’s who you know
And everything else is a crawl toward an upward slope
The pickpocket prices make it hard to cope
Another scam, push a man to the end of his rope
And some call it chance, some say it’s fate
Some say it’s rigged from the crib to the grave
Another pay day comes so we keep the pace
While we drive around in circles, in an endless race
It’s tough to admit you’ve got the misfortune
To lie, cheat and steal to get at your portion
Another struggle for a piece of the pie
Day in day out
What a lovely life

I want more options, more screens
Reassurance and some more caffeine
I want more pay, less rivals
More words in my job title
I want more freedom and a lot more cash
I want more style and a love that won’t last
I want more fame, and I want to get found
And I want much more than I’ve got right now
Track Name: Psychobabble (Bill Beats Mix)
This is how we sonically induce you by design
Anatomically we integrate the rhythm and the rhyme
Dilute the evolution with a lyrical pollution
It’s a musical infusion mixin two of every kind
We listen till we go deaf crank it till the speakers rattle
Buy into the mindset buy into the psychobabble
I’ve been know to dabble, master of philosophy
Cause nothing what it aught to be
Cultural lobotomy
Join the bandwagon ask em where to go next
We could spite em we go ravin in a crows nest
We can fight it and go pious on our knees
Breathe deep when we sink to the bottom of the sea
I’m getting desperate so I flood it all

Nothing more and nothing less
And now I cant afford the best
Now its feelin like a dream
And nothing here is what it seems
Now I can’t ignore the screams
When I’m stickin to the screen
Now it seems the scene is too obscene

We pull the wires from the socket
And we siphon all the power
Gonna redirect the current
So we’re surging for an hour
And I’m baking in the heat
I’m basking in the glow
Gonna tamper with the circuitry
To overload the show
Propaganda transmit
Two cent
Won’t quit
White noise is pouring out
And blaring from the pulpit
Nerves on the fritz
At a quarter to six
Too proud to admit he gets his tongue in a twist
Set our thoughts to automatic
Common sense is problematic
Two left feet when the beat we play is too sporadic
Gotta wait for the moment in the right time
Rationale is dead and we’re the hiccup in the flat line
Pull the plug so we can let it out