Casanova Frankenstein

by Kudos the Kid

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released August 19, 2014

All tracks written and recorded by Kudos the Kid at Made In Jax Studios in Jacksonville, Fl unless otherwise noted.

Additional Vocals by Shawn Lightfoot on Track 3
Additional Vocals by Drakar on Tracks 4 and 8
Additional Vocals by Ryan Roets on Track 10
Additional Vocals by Ross Giannini on Track 11
Additional Guitar by Shawn Lightfoot on Tracks 3, 7 & 8
Mastered by Paul Lapinski at My Platinum Sound Studios


all rights reserved



Kudos the Kid Jacksonville, Florida

Kudos the Kid is an international hip hop artist currently based in Seoul.

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Track Name: Ecstasy
Welcome to the conquest
We set a new context
Rag tag duo with a hedonistic complex
Deconstructed then reassembled the process
I put it on repeat
Gonna play it till they’re nauseous
Get em conscious
And get em on their feet
A mob with a pulse
Keep em steady with a beat
Packed to the walls so we take em to the street
Gonna catch em by surprise when we hit them where the sleep
Blasting and thrashing
The voices of the masses
Build the pressure until we’re blowing out the gaskets
They shut us out of their golden empire
So we burn it to the ground
And rebuild it from the ashes

We’ve got six feet of rope
Six empty chambers
I’m six feet under growing dreams for my neighbors so,
Hoist the flag, keep your heads held high
Cause only dead men aren’t afraid to die
Track Name: Lights Out
In a high rise with the lights out
In a suit and tie where we hide out
I don’t know you, but I want to
You’ve got a beautiful face I can lie to
Cut the lights out

Now we roll uptown with the top down
Everything looks better in the night with the lights out
Too bold catch a cold from the new crowd
Move in vain when they’re chained to a brute sound
Get weightless
Double knot laces
Silhouette seen but oblivious to faces
Won’t change for the sake of the phase
That they pulled from the grave
So we push to embrace this
Gotta mimic every move
Every step of this shape shift test
We exhale then compress
Facade is the vogue and we dress to impress
Never give a little more
Always give a little less
I caught this mood in a third eye view
I pick you out in a packed out room
Too forward to say but it’s safe to assume
That we felt this heat with the sparks in bloom

Soak in the glow
Move slow
Navigate through the maze in the haze of the smoke
This toxin is making me float
And I love how it burns at the back of my throat
Stand by
It’s about that time
Where we lose our wits
When we take that dive
It’s a full proof sign when I loosen my tie
A brand new state when this place unwinds
No need for this bar room brawl
With the pool cues swinging up and down the hall
The cool kids post up against the wall
They want to find true love in a bathroom stall
No reason to bum about
I see the mayhem’s over, I’m sober now
So we go back home with the top down
Everything looks better in the night with the lights out
Track Name: I'm Useless (But Not For Long)
I’m the doctor you’re my patient
Manipulate the brain waves
You’re tuned into my station
Your aspirations are becoming too complacent
Like dusty old boxes that you locked up in the basement
My design is to keep you out the cubicle
Think outside the usual
And strive for something beautiful
Cut the ties on the stuffy institutional
We leave it all behind
Redefining what is suitable
It’s in the music
You’ll find me in the tunes
A cocoon metamorphosis
To set the self anew
The proof is in the true disposition getting loose
Try to save you from the agony of swinging from a noose
Neck tie remedy
Imagination’s enemy
I’d rather be the center of a trucker human centipede
Hmmm maybe not but it something to consider
Gotta learn to let it go before the system makes you bitter

Let’s go back to the basics
To spark innovation
I proudly prepared you
A round of temptation
Embrace it
Learn to see the world through a bigger view or
Waste it
And find yourself doomed to an endless loop
Now your living through an aura is murky brown
Bound to the doubt
That you’re trapped in the aimless now
Let me pull you out
Gotta make your moments count
Open and inspired
When monotony is not allowed
Remove the typical with clinical precision
It’s a self inflicted prison
Never knew what you were missing
Ignite the demolition
To a borrowed intuition
If you’re ever gonna see
You gotta look beyond your vision
It’s a pause to the plain
A skin that you shed
A brand new beginning
An idea to embed
And its fear, the sensation that you thought was dead
No squealing
Remember that it’s all in your head
Track Name: Handprints In The Pavement
It ain’t easy
These emotions I feel are beneath me
I only think about you when I’m drinking
Let’s just toast to that
But don’t forget the fact
I don’t miss you

Put the needle to the record let it spin
It’s where it all begins
I’m starring at the world below
I’m letting go
I’m falling in
I have these memories of summer time smells
When we were throwing all our hopes down a penny wish well
Wet concrete
Handprints in the pavement
Yea it’s just another sign of the fame we were chasing
We play these scenes out for our own entertainment
And there’s a change in the air and I swear I can taste it
I know our doubt is by far our biggest obstacle
I find myself believing that this calling is not optional
I think a lot about the shot we’ve got
To give all this meaning and substance
And not just flickering out
To love and to shout
“I have no idea what this is about”
But what I do know is when I am gone
I will fucking miss you
And maybe one day I will tell you
And maybe one day I will tell you

We’re gonna burn, burn, burn like the fourth of July
Supernova explosion
It’s sound waves in motion
And when these syllables get stuck in our throat
We raise a toast to the words that are better left unspoken
And at the heart of it
We’re aching to be part of it
Pursuit of understanding all the subtlety
And art of it
Sonic graffiti always acting as the catalyst
I wanted more and I just blamed it on the avarice
Assuming that the opportunity is still available
I’ll find time to become a better man tomorrow
Promise, Comma, Honest
Mean it
Glean it
Compassions sporadic when lacking a tactic
I’m not so sure a had a choice in this
Regardless of how it is I live for it
I must admit
I hesitate to move my feet from where I always stood
Let’s stand on top of the world and never wonder if we should
Track Name: Breakfast (feat. Lex Lingo & Klopfenpop)

Kudos gettin savage
Like them ghouls up in the attic
So we soaked up in the fabric
Now we workin to unravel it
Thought to be inadequate
But brasher than you know
Cause now with Lingo on the track
It’s like their speakers won’t stop rattling
Madder than a hatter dropping acid with a rabbit
And darker than the demons who embody all my habits
Classical fanatics seeking solace in the havoc
We’re the status quo assassins, so ecstatic when we ravage it
Heard them say that we’ve had enough
Two more drinks gonna call the bluff
Time to make a date with a solo cup
Cause you ain’t no fun when you sober up
Laughin at half of em
Make em grovel and grab at the crumbs
Plunder and pillage
Then you can have all the scraps when I’m done
God I need it
Gotta feed it
Confidence and speak conceited
When competitions heated
This is how we always beat it
Tighten up on that loose grip
And bang it out with them new hits
Not so proud when it all goes down and they call you out on that bullshit

(Lex Lingo)

Give me all that bacon, I’m demolishing them piggies
No biggie, but your girlfriend met me, then she lost her skivvies
I asked her if she liked her eggs fried or fertilized
Heard her lying, say she loved you when she let me between her thighs
I’m just playing, I’m a wise guy like Solomon
Write about the green like a High Times columnist
It’s high time for all of this to come into fruition
I’m sick and tired of all the friction, all your wrap sheets are phishing
Put up your fist and pump it like a piston
Like you’re pretty pissed off and now you’re on a mission
No victim blaming
I’m proud I rape the game on a daily basis for my own entertainment
Made a down payment, put my city on layaway
That’s a good investment, that’s some shit you gave away
Living on a day to day, life is my setlist
Keep your lunch money bitch, I’m coming for your breakfast


We the breakfast club
Gon' bless this cut, don't mess with us
Try and set me up with a little bit of vittles
Don't stop till I say, "Yes, enough."
Bet I'm gruff, load that farm on plate
Don’t make some partial mistake that gon’ be harming my steak
Man it’s a permanent state so put that flame to flesh
Its alarming how you’re fake, my grill game is fresh
I don't mess that Hank Hill propane's a yes
But I'll plain confess, that brickette’s my main finesse
Sustain that mess, with a truckload of smoke
Applewood, maple plank with that bourbon soak
Your roast's a joke, don't let me catch you rollin' folk
With that pre-fab rub, player, no you don't
So phone the pope, cause someone's got some sins to atone ...
You call babyback? Man, your ribs are all bone
So take a bib to the dome,
You're just a blip, you're unknown
So go and picnic alone, your barbie’s been overthrown
Track Name: Stock Options
Dreams are jokes to most folks I guess
But most folks confess that they've settled for less
In the morning conversations over cups of coffee
They don't recollect walking on the moon or killing zombies
With one quick kiss
He’s out the door again
With his paper sack lunch
And his carpool friend, blank stares
Mingled with the small talk
He’s measuring his moments by the minutes on the time clock
Nonstop always starring at the same screen
Off white aesthetic always seems to be the main theme
He’s in a place where the meaning of success
Is to get a bigger office
Fill it with a bigger desk
Dealing with the stress
Cause he’s sick of the charade
Cause the longer that he sits
Makes it harder not to stay
He’s counting down the seconds until his very last day
But you know they got him thinking
“Well at least I got paid”

Wake up another day another dollar
Gotta break a sweat to buy yourself out of the squalor
Got a golden touch turning rags to riches
It’s a concrete jungle and it’s getting vicious

I was never one to keep my power in my tie
I was never one to learn a skill I can’t apply
It’s not a lack of motivation in my drive
But I was never one to start the same routine everyday at nine
I’m not a prototype automated worker bee
Or just another collar integrated in the faculty
They always tell me “get your feet back on the ground”
But I am not the poster boy for the igeneration casualty
Now the find themselves shuffling these papers
And they do it for the wealth
And to keep up with their neighbors
Put their passion on the shelf
Push it off till later
Till they wake up and they’re feeling like some strange impersonator
And they tell us that’s the good life
Silver bread knife
Predictable stability is racking up a steep price
I think success needs a drastic redesign
Never settle for the dim when there’s a million ways to shine
Track Name: Turn The Stereo Up (feat. Kidlookalike)
Bodies moving in slow motion
Self conscious two step
Bowing out on that last breath
They got tuned out
They’ve got two left so,
Let me get my stroll straight
Let me get my mind right
Better yet let’s sleepwalk through this ghost town with no moonlight
I got black spray paint duct tape
Fill the window panes with
Black spray paint duct tape
Board up the open frames
And shuffle through the latest playlist
Trying to find our favorite song
No need to skip a track
The night is young, the night is long
We watch the city from the backseat of the car
With a subtle soundscape
It defines just who we are
Bang on these guitars until our blisters all have blisters
I can’t tolerate the silence
Never just to be another listener
Gotta hit em with some noise
A double decibel whisper, it goes…

Turn the stereo up

Don’t need a metronome just syncopated heart beats
And inspiration is just the cover for an art thief
And in the winter all the heat is in our headphones
We keep the cadence from the rhythms with our car keys
And blackout, pulsate
Drifting off when I’m wide awake
Two eyes shut, third eye open
Always chasing that great escape
They’re sleeping underground
Stay in their catacombs
They’re always bowing down
Watch an imagined thrown
Making me compelled to make a sound so strange
We in the booth in the back
Going bats like Wayne
We let it drop, want it heavy
Want it louder, want it faster
I’m gonna overdrive the gain
Put the max on the master
I bring the bass with the beat
Make it shake through the rafters, it goes…

Turn the Stereo Up


Turn the stereo up, is you ready or what?
Zoned on these rhythms as I glide through the city turnt up
Seem like a dream feel so real I don't wanna wake up
Rise and grind time to shine Kudos the Kid what's up
Seamlessly stitching out the hits to keep my pockets filled up
Cooking elixirs so addictive that you gotta nod bruh
Thru with the wishing aint no genies in a bottle wake up
Cooking up heat so unique that's right turn me back up
Legendary statuses I'm aiming at it no stopping now
Elevated my game I'm doing numbers I puts it down
Riding on these beats I'm such a beast so stick around
Pumping in my veins this music I know won't let me down
I know you feeling me now so dontchu turn me down
Track Name: First Name Basis (feat. DNA)
I take my time getting lost in these dry wall mazes
Now I know every patron on a first name basis
We caught this fever and it feels contagious
When these halls get crowded
And no rooms stay vacant
No rich no vagrants
No hesitation
We’re just here and we’re living for the next sensation
I sit back like a fly on the wall,
It makes it easier to focus on my own fixation
One part naïve
One part narcissistic
We all seem to think youth is meant for mischief
The girls want to swoon and pretend to be lovesick
The boys choose their lovers by the shade of their lipstick and
Every word was laced with a kiss but
Every kiss was laced with remiss of
Another piece we’re not sure exists
Every time we get close it feels like we missed it

There was a time it was good now it’s broken
Ghost’s walking round the house like they own it
Got demons pacing up and down the hall
So I live this live this night like it’s my last
I’m bound to fall

Another night cap
Another pagan evening cause we
Need a moment that feels worth repeating
We save hindsight for the morning after
Cause we only recollect what the camera captures
Post disaster, or post success
I think it’s just another notch on the post at best
Got a dashboard confession, get it off my chest
I saw him boast to the mirrors and they seemed impressed
“Yea, these kids these days, they just want praise”
Its reckless ambition and it won’t be phased
Now it gets a little old when we hear them say
“You need a little self respect and a job that pays”
Hush that nonsense, and save that lesson
We’re never gonna settle for less than perfection
I’m much more concerned with my first impression
While I’m watching for her blush through a pale complexion

Yo imma rise up,
I'm a stand as the man
That steps to the scene looking like a hundred grand,
Hold the world in my hand, palm it
Present it as gift, say what, it’s yours!
I’m the jam in the park, the beast after dark,
That sweat on your neck when the heat about to spark
I'm the Mack, you stick yourself when mishandling my darts,
This here is Shakespeare you just go and play your part
The lethalist of weapons
I walk with Sasquatch, ain't no time for half steppin,
When its time to go to war, call my team of seasoned veterans
My birds by the flock, keep them at my call and beckon
You stay messing with them chickens, an eight piece bucket, two sides, and a biscuit
One out of four’s a bad chick; the rest is leftovers left in the back of fridges
Doggie bags for yall bitches...
Track Name: Same Old Song
I never really knew if it was right or wrong
Same old song
You always make it seem like we don’t belong
I want you to know
I don’t mind letting go but it’s been so long
The world spins on
Gotta save face
I’ll see you again
Another time
Another place
Then again I just stare into space and
I reach for your sound, for your smell, for your taste
Best just to forget but I can’t forget
I waste my thoughts on the time we spent
It’s hard to admit
There’s a hole in my chest and I feel so sick
I’m doubting myself
Affecting my health
I hide these frames at the back of the shelf
Too weak cause I just don’t eat
Did I sleep this week?
Too tired to tell
It’s in the air and I’m breathing
Catch a cough and I can’t stop wheezing
I know we’re toxic
Blame this season
I blame myself when you go and I watch you leaving
Fuck this circus
I’m not worthless
I’ve got value
I’ve got purpose
Tell myself at the end of the day
You improved my life when you threw this all away

It's been a long time since I've arched the spine of this book
Cause I hear the same songs with the same damn hooks
Goosebumps behind closed doors
Parachutes spinning no need for a floor
I put it down when it hurts like hell
That’s the only way I could tell I was doing well
But I never could read you
Here’s a little preview of what this paper back looks like with a sequel
Never mind the pedals
Never mind the rust
Never learned how to settle, I'm just blowing off the dust
Never mind the pedals
Never mind the rust
Never learned how to settle, I'm just blowing off the…
What’s the point in dialogue if no one ever hears you?
I should get out of this house like I meant to
But get weak on my feet
When I see you on the street, wear a smile you can see through
Let’s pretend that we spoke too soon
And lose ourselves in the afternoon
The ink on your skin’s raised up like brail
And I find myself in between your nails
My hearts skipping beats like a cd on the floorboard
And now I know why you said that you need more
And when I wonder why it’s not that way
I remind myself that I threw this all away
Track Name: Job Well Done
I’ve been burning every bridge that I can find
Looking for some peace of mind
But all I’ve got for my time is
Cigarette butts and some coffee grinds
But did we do it?
Didn’t we do well?
Didn’t we do it?

It’s a brand new day
Let’s get out of our cage
I’m getting tired of always running through this rat race mindset
Take a step back and tell me what you see
Is the world the way you wished it when you’re drifting off to sleep?
(Its not)
If this illusion is the source to all our problems
I guess we need to find a better way to solve them
Cause what’s divisible between two individuals
Just seems to get reduced into something that is pitiful
Its digital, and always lacking in touch
We keep our eyes on what important when the pressure’s too much
And what’s a little bit of love without lust?
We always think with our minds but it’s our hearts we should trust
Let’s keep moving while the world stands still
And we should let it go, and we could drink our fill
And we could make it a point that we find our voice
Cause if we lose ourselves now then its all downhill
And we should learn to let it go, we should drink our fill
And we should keep moving while the world stands still and say…

I heard her five year plan was to get found get wealthy
No work, no talent just a well placed selfie
But we can’t buy ourselves out of worthlessness
On a journey just to find out what the purpose is
And if I had one more breath I would fill my lungs
Cause I’ve got a song that just needs to be sung
We could treat it like a battle that just needs to be won
Try to give a little meaning to a job well done
But then it’s all about the money
It’s all about the show
It’s all about the look
And it’s all in who you know
And it’s all just substituting for the lack of connection
So I’m trading in this vision for a different perception
We know now that our time won’t last
So we could take a few steps to a brand new path
We could burn a bridge let it turn into ash
Now I’m burning all these bridges so we never go back
Cause its not about the money
It’s not just who you know
It’s about the love we get when we learn to let it go
I say…

And as long as my heart’s still beating
I’ll keep repeating that we won’t be beaten
A good thief makes it easy to believe
That you can spend you way to heaven
If you only pay the fee
There’s no trades, no refunds, and no receipts
The truth is they’re not selling what we need
Track Name: Casanova Frankenstein
The horizon is all pitchforks and axes
Think a torch or two is going to break my habits?
Let them come, maybe just another villain’s what they need
Casanova in the bed, Frankenstein in the streets

If they ruin our apocalypse you know these “fuckas gots to go”
Met my nerdy reference quota
Fit in with the status quo
And did I mention
That we’re dying for attention
Got that alcohol addiction so I pour another Flaming Moe
We gettin caught up in the evilest shenanigans
A man with no name but they call me Zap Brannigan
Call it what it is with a label you can trust
How the fuck we get so fly?
Cause we breathing in that pixie dust
2 am and I can’t sit still
Waste time on a new cheap thrill
Too loud?
Well I beg your pardon, permit to party
License to ill
So bump that Nerdcore and blast that Backpack
I cite my sources, fuck Gambino is the hashtag
Rebels raising black flags
Never moving in reverse
Always drink from solo cups cause Solos always shoot first
Count my midichlorians, twenty thousand fifty-five
And I always take that blue pill just to keep the dream alive
The dude abides

Did you know I knew you knew I knew?
I know this much is true,
Never trust a man with no cape behind his suit
And all my nemesis just want the world on mute
They said that silence is what’s golden but this paradox does not compute
Self destruction, frontal lobe abduction
Threaten me with death rays, I’m acting like it’s nothing
Think you’re superhuman?
Well, you’re not the only one
You’ve got that big rocket launcher
But I’m dual wielding these shotguns and we
Are the gunslingers, itchy trigger fingers
Pull the hammer back, cloud of smoke, and let it linger
The drown our sorrows in a sack full of these Krabby Patties
Fatty fatty boombalatty, lets get down in that Caddyshack
Bump that title track, Casanova Frankenstein
Sold the movie rights so buy your tickets
Get in line
We’re not your average incorruptible type golden boys
Egging on these villains just to save the world and make it mine

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