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released December 30, 2012

All tracks written and recorded by Kudos the Kid at Made In Jax Studios in Jacksonville, Fl.

Vocals by Th3 Spirit on tracks 3 and 10
Vocals by Bri Gonzales on track 11


all rights reserved



Kudos the Kid Jacksonville, Florida

Kudos the Kid is an international hip hop artist currently based in Seoul.

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Track Name: Don't Taze Me Brah!
They caught me red handed the bandit you branded
I’m a fan of the panic when the aliens have landed
I don’t understand your command
I sabotage the plan
I’m just another wolf whose breaking bread with the lambs
I breathe fire from my belly but it blackened my lungs
And I’ve got third degree burns on the tip of my tongue
I drown myself in the rum
And disconnect from the young
It’s like I’m speaking hieroglyphics to the deaf and the dumb
I guess the message is subliminal
Defies the meta physical
When the blood boils over
It’s a sign the heat is critical
I bring the heat but it’s so discreet
I’ll sucker punch you with the beat
With a vibe so sweet gonna make em
Bring the crippled to their feet
Yea my words are ammunition, keep my bullets in my word doc
Got blisters on my bunions cause my summer homes in Bedrock
Its tank tops, flip flops, hormone driven lip lock
Wanna stay alive
Double tap that y
Get quick or get that shell shock

Ghetto blasters cranking our rhymes
Ladies be saying we got the green
We bankin’
We always be bringing it
And yea you know we get crazy
We keep it Swayze
When you taze me
That shit don’t phase me

I tried to make a team with a rook to steal the queen
But it seems that she was gone with a pawn
Cause she was carrying his spawn
And then it dawned on the bishop it was time to pull the con
While the king is out back breaking down on the lawn
It must be hard when the whole world’s trying to take your head
I guess I’ll settle for the checkmate and winning instead
Oh yea its vicious but it justifies the riches
Like Robbin Williams showin up as a genie givin wishes
But theres nothing left you own but a monkey and Misses
Eating chili off a Frisbee when you’ve used up all the dishes
The conspiracy is too true
But I’m not gonna play like you do
If I have to I’ll break out
That pins and needles voodoo
I’ll buy a ouija board to make a deal with the devil
They call me Mr. Longbottom
You can call me Neville
I call up Parks and Recreation try to get a solution
I’m like there’s too many damn trees in my fuckin pollution
Track Name: Fall Colors
Hit em with a little bit of rhythm again
And now everybody’s speaking through a pseudonym
And now we can’t even tell where they stop and the two begin
Or what the style, and the vibe and the mood has been
Mixtape Drop
Get em in the hands of a fan made blog
Fit em in the back with the bass in the hatch
Set the scene on fire with some gas and a match
Let em in when its two past ten
Silhouette creeps out with a pad and a pen
Armed with a mind and a will to pretend
Cause you can’t move up when your stuck in a trend
Tuned out in a time like this
When the words get thick
And the sounds go thin
Move through the crowd and we push to insist
That we can’t slow down on a night like this

Boost that treble and we bang that drum
Blow those speakers so the amps all hum
Scream so loud we gonna bust our lungs
Then the beat drops out and the world goes numb
So we turn it up

Let’s get drastic
Lose habits
Rap with a flow getting soaked in a madlib
And these tracks gonna get bombastic
Crash through the roof of the tomb when we blast it
New tactics
Out with the fad
Drink from the flask in the back of the cab
Blackout drunk we forget what we had
But they can’t seem to tell when the notes fall flat
Wait for the kick
Bounce in the pit
Second hand high when the mob gets lit
Mix that sweat with blood and the spit
And we sync that hit
When the riff gets sick
No sleep when we’re dead we’ll rest
Back on the spree and we’ll see whose left
Catch that jaw,
When they drop that dress
Its b a n a n a s
Track Name: Low Tops
I’m like coyote recommended acme grade type dynamite
Yea I’m hotter than a kamikaze suicide
Radiation tan line
Shinning when we cut lights
I’m preying on your weakness
Like I’m fuckin made of kryptonite
That’s some retro noise
For them retro boys
Urban outfitters, where they get them “retro” toys
The scene
Its all about whats so hot
Keyboard courage
On a shitty hipster blogspot
They play like buccaneers and pirate all the indie hits
Play it on the radio
Nah I think I’m through with it
Careful that you don’t forget
Them other boys be flexin
You’ve got to guarantee now that youre the one shes sextin
I’m doin everything to make you mine but
I’m thinking maybe we’ve had too wine but
If you tebow when you should have captain morganed
Yea youre gonna have a bad time
We aint lookin for a bad time

I am a gun slinger
Itchy trigger finger
A three ring leader just like Jerry Springer
I don’t wear a mask
I’m way too vain
Call me Mr. Clemens
Who the hell is Mark Twain

We came to sweat it out and drowning in a sea of sound
Red lights clinging to our brushes when we paint the town
We keep on sippin so we’re
Wired and committed
So we crank it to eleven
And we don’t stop get it, get it
Sarsaparillas and low tops
Bubble burstin that blow pop
Karaoke that alt. rock
Battle rappin that hip hop
It’s best to go with the flow
And you don’t need an excuse
You need to set them blues aside
And pick up on them cues to
Get loose
And get some moxy in them shoes
Inhibition out your head
And some thrust in that caboose
Strobe light seizures
Infect you in your knees
And now I’m movin like they struck by a disease cause
All these earthquakes taught me to dance
And I, I just rode a tsunami to France
But just keep hastlin me
That’s all really need
Cause each and every disaster betters me
Track Name: Boogaloo
Let’s make a sincere attempt to get our feet out of reality
Cause turning 25 is just a minor technicality
Let’s make a case for soliloquies from balconies
And talk ourselves in circles using nothing but analogies
“No originality
Everything’s a remix”
You’re talking to the pessimists
I’m feelin like I’m sea sick
Get a push from this liquid courage confidence
But still I feel the words are getting stuck in my esophagus
Commas getting prominent
Awkward silence dominant
Yawnings getting common so I gotta get on top of it
Crack a joke about some people that we meet
Then I see you crack a smile so I sweep you off your feet
And now you’re fallin for the charm still reluctant to approve
Then you jump to disagree when I give into a potent brew
But who the fuck are you to tell me what I can and shouldn’t do
You’re quick to understand and now we’re grooving to the boogaloo

In a world of black and white you are the vibrant technicolor
An original impression and I’m itching for another
Now we’re acting like the magnets where the polar opposites attract
It’s like a heart attack that’s wrapped up in garter strap
You feel intangible we’re dancing and dip
Hear the vinyl start to skip and then I tighten on my grip
I’m searching for the words that start to teeter on the tip
Of the tongue that being paralyzed from touching on your lips
Let the venom in we’re running on adrenaline
The friction in my blood is feeling better than it should have been
You seem surprised at how we simply seem to click
Curiosity is lit
Start to wonder how I tick
It’s not hard to love a business where the melody’s the premise
In despite of all the poison being spit up from the cynics
I see you start to mimic my expressions when I’m through
You put a smile on my face
And we’re still grooving to the boogaloo
Track Name: Psychobabble
This is how we sonicly induce you by design
Anatomically we integrate the rhythm and the rhyme
Dilute the evolution with a lyrical pollution
It’s a musical infusion mixing two of every kind
We listen till we go deaf crank it till the speakers rattle
Buy into the mindset buy into the psychobabble
I’ve been know to dabble, master of philosophy
Cause nothing what it aught to be
Cultural lobotomy
Join the bandwagon ask em where to go next
We could spite em we go raving in a crows nest
We can fight it and go pious on our knees
Breathe deep when we sink to the bottom of the sea
I’m getting desperate so I flood it all

Nothing more and nothing less
And now I cant afford the best
Now its feeling like a dream
And nothing here is what it seems
Now I can’t ignore the screams
When I’m sticking to the screen
Now it seems the scene is too obscene

We pull the wires from the socket
And we siphon all the power
Gonna redirect the current
So we’re surging for an hour
And I’m baking in the heat
I’m basking in the glow
Gonna tamper with the circuitry
To overload the show
Propaganda transmit
Two cent
Won’t quit
White noise is pouring out
And blaring from the pulpit
Nerves on the fritz
At a quarter to six
Too proud to admit he gets his tongue in a twist
Set our thoughts to automatic
Common sense is problematic
Two left feet when the beat we play is too sporadic
Gotta wait for the moment in the right time
Rationale is dead and we’re the hiccup in the flat line
Pull the plug so we can let it out
Track Name: Cake and Candles
Here comes a vignette filled with marionettes carrying debts
now I really cant say who was pulling the strings
but what happened on that day was quite obscene
it was a black tie black suit masquerade
birthday party that lasted for days
the whole town came to bask in the little girls fame
cause her life was never quite the same
ever since she killed the beasts
every meal it was a feast
she was never in the least
worried that her life would cease
The wolf had no witnesses but for his tail so when he entered it was without fail
with his mask on
crept to the back
walked in the kitchen where the cake was at
saw grandma put the final touches on
and stuck her in the freezer with the lights turned off
now the little girl so unsuspecting
her grandmas life she lost protecting
many many years he had planned for the day
and now revenge was underway
he climbed in the cake according to plan
not to pop out until the music began and...

Here comes a joke with a punchline riddled with bullets
the only guaranteed win is if you don't pull it
never spin the wheel in the woods by yourself
never wonder off track cause it's bad for your health
on that day so long ago
little did my brother know
you'd cut him open and fill him with rocks
up to his throat so he couldn't talk
and still you killed my father too
he drowned in a trough of sausage stew
what a grimm story, but believe it's true
that's when the wolf heard his musical cue
"Oh my what big ears you have"
"Oh my what big eyes you have"
"Oh my what big teeth you have"
"All the better to bite you in half"
The girl was confused she had heard this before
but it's not the song she was waiting for
the cake was now in the center of the room
the wold burst forth from his tasty tomb
remove his mask
pointed to the crowd
as the room at large still sang out loud
every guest unmasked in attendance
were all just wolves, seeking vengeance

They gathered round just like she had wanted
the snarling wolves all sang and taunted
the little girl smirked with the beasts approaching
what hid in the rafters left them all unknowing
the hunter who had helped before
came back once more to settle the score
but what happened after that was just uncalled for
the chandelier above their heads had oil burning lanterns
and the hunter he took aim while the wolves kept up their banter
he let a single arrow go and sail through the air
and kissed the little thread that held the chandelier there
when gravity quick snapped into action
the oils caused a chain reaction
the fixture claimed so many names
as each and every lantern burst into flames
when it comes to lighting candles on your birthday night
it seems like this little girl is not the cake and candles type
Track Name: Kaleidoscope
I’m a Libra in the path of a star crossed Aquarius
Seduced by the scent of another Sagittarius
These lackluster pearls turn the girls into proper ladies
Etiquette is on my but its getting hazy
Douse it in the digital
Chromosomes in chemicals
Mass produce the copies
Then dispose of the original
Manipulate the molecules
Beneath the skin
I’ve got the voltage in blood
So I stager off the grid

The white wine tastes decadent with lipstick on the glass
And I love to watch you pass
In a posh Venetian mask
Rice paper princess getting frisky with the paupers
Distracted by the daughters
So I failed to walk on water
So I’m dancing in the details with the devil
I settle for a condo next to Eden
With the pagans and the heathens
I revel in the presence now of everything you hated yea but
Honestly, honesty is slightly overrated
I don’t need you, I don’t need you, I don’t need you
But I need you
You’re the secondhand kaleidoscope I use to see the world through

I’m toeing the line between dreams and day dreams
Like one way glass when I’m awake I can’t see
I can’t breathe
And with the pavement rushing at me
Just in time I awake
Cheated death, now whose laughing?

My brain is the largest medicinal company in the world
I’m selling good thoughts to all the boys and girls
Don’t mind my smoke stack, I’m just blowing off steam
Chalk this song up to my never ending pipe dream
Track Name: The Underground (feat. Th3 Spirit)
Your name was in lights
till we rearranged the bulbs
Spell it KID cause we feelin kinda bold
I only take credit when it's stole
Under cut em with some style and a little bit of soul
Bottle intuition to a product we can swallow
Cause the artist with the vision is the one they love to follow
Set the soapbox on the bloc and gather up the flock
The masses getting radical and restless when we talk
I'm not self aware
cause that shit is exhausting
I only smoke when in the mood for coughing
My consonants constantly concentrating
On the constable’s code and my conscience fading
when this rain stops
I hope you can swim
I got that stainless steel scalpel
Now count backwards from ten
I'm the master of suspense
My life is so intense
I got that trademark silhouetted profile pic

Fire up the vitrola
the songs keep me warm
Ill stoke the sounds till the smoke rings bring you home
Ill ride the grooves with the needle in place
crank up the white noise so I can tolerate this place
I'm gonna rob the still
I'm gonna steal the swill
I'm gonna tilt the till until my pockets fill
and I walk with a limp like I stepped on a claymore
trench warfare just a trophy in the game score
Theres no harm from the first, or third, or the last
Callin up the Doc
Take a trip through the past
ghetto blaster cracklin
means of distraction
or just a pull from the passion
There’s something sweet in the pools of your eyes
When youre lying on your side with your hands between your thighs
I had a case of grace but I traded it for bourbon
When did alcohol addiction become so suburban?

I never seem to walk straight
Move to the baud rate
Hash tag irate
Status update
Cash in the thoughts that we pluck from the spiral
Homemade black and white clip goin viral
Almost contagious
We playin famous
Always at our best when were rattlin the cages
But in the end we’re just goin through the paces
Add another face to the wall of the nameless
Never was the kind to admit to defeat
She’s quick to excite at the hint of a beat
Good glob
She always gettin light on here feet
She got them lovely lady lumps like she LSP
Repeat rewind
Still so inclined
To the little white lace at the tip of your spine
Fit to disagree but never try to deny
That we’re just another glimpse of the sign of the times

Now you're gettin down
With the underground
Now you're burning down
The whole town
Track Name: Impulse (feat. Bri Gonzales)
I’ve got a systematic tendency for chemistry
Especially when you’re touchin me
I take it multiply it to the tenth degree
The frequency is undefined
Validity undermined
Wary of the treatment
When the medicine is so described
A shock to the brain
That sends an impulse through your veins
It makes the static more erratic
The senses seem the same
And now the hate is hereditary
Cynical preliminary
Gravity be damned
Gotta make the burden extra heavy

I blackout and let my DNA pulsate
My vision starts to blur
But theres a rhythm to my slur
I’m pinchin all my pennies
Buy a rocket up to mars
I’m Living in the stratosphere
I’m dancing with the stars
Subconsciously I know the heavens hear me when I pray
But I procrastinate salvation
There’s no time if there’s no day
The whole world in my hands
The Milky Way on my tongue
I’m aching for the heat
Go to sleep
Behind the dark side of the sun

Last night I had a dream
That we were nothing but machines
Replace my beating heart with batteries

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