I'm Useless (Single)

by Kudos the Kid

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All tracks written and recorded by Kudos the Kid at Made In Jax Studios in Jacksonville, Fl unless otherwise noted.

Additional Vocals by Shawn Lightfoot on Track 1
Additional Guitar by Shawn Lightfoot on Track 1
Track 3 produced by Klopfenpop


released July 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Kudos the Kid Jacksonville, Florida

Kudos the Kid is a DIY indie hip hop duo out of Jacksonville, Fl

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Track Name: I'm Useless (But Not For Long)
I’m the doctor you’re my patient
Manipulate the brain waves
You’re tuned into my station
Your aspirations are becoming too complacent
Like dusty old boxes that you locked up in the basement
My design is to keep you out the cubicle
Think outside the usual
And strive for something beautiful
Cut the ties on the stuffy institutional
We leave it all behind
Redefining what is suitable
It’s in the music
You’ll find me in the tunes
A cocoon metamorphosis
To set the self anew
The proof is in the true disposition getting loose
Try to save you from the agony of swinging from a noose
Neck tie remedy
Imagination’s enemy
I’d rather be the center of a trucker human centipede
Hmmm maybe not but it something to consider
Gotta learn to let it go before the system makes you bitter

Let’s go back to the basics
To spark innovation
I proudly prepared you
A round of temptation
Embrace it
Learn to see the world through a bigger view or
Waste it
And find yourself doomed to an endless loop
Now your living through an aura is murky brown
Bound to the doubt
That you’re trapped in the aimless now
Let me pull you out
Gotta make your moments count
Open and inspired
When monotony is not allowed
Remove the typical with clinical precision
It’s a self inflicted prison
Never knew what you were missing
Ignite the demolition
To a borrowed intuition
If you’re ever gonna see
You gotta look beyond your vision
It’s a pause to the plain
A skin that you shed
A brand new beginning
An idea to embed
And its fear, the sensation that you thought was dead
No squealing
Remember that it’s all in your head
Track Name: Speak Easy
Ok, let’s entertain the notion
That tonight our final moments
I could waste it on a sermon
I could spend it on atonement
But I’d rather spend my time
With some movement in my shoes
Gonna stomp away regret
Let it wash away the blues
But it’s a ruse we feel invincible
Live until forever
We weren’t born just to survive
So we look for something better
Like a speakeasy sitting at the corner of the bloc
Yeah we started in a booth
Now we dancing on the table tops
So take a shot, secure the locks
And bump it up another notch
Throw em back when the bartender just pours us all a double scotch
Shimmy and shaking cause our life’s what we make it
We got waves of jubilation buried in our poker faces, its a
State of elation taking in the celebrations
Giving into our temptations
Cause we’re never ones to fake it, Got a
Suspicious feeling that we’re caught up in their sights
It’s getting hotter than a brothel on a buy one get one night

It’s not hard to make an entrance when were fashionably late
I could question all my choices
I’ll just leave it up to fate
It’s safe to say
This atmosphere just keeps us coming back
I need to loosen up my flow
So I’m sipping on a sazerac
These brass trumps playing us another soulful hymn
Move our spirits from the shelf
Mix the passion with the sin
And once again
I make em strong and me em pour em tall
They’ll have to Pardon my French
Cause we gone hit em with the Coup de grace
Cheap cigars and cigarettes in the lining of our pockets
Yea this thumping bass is hollow
We ain’t got no need for sockets
Just keep on walking
Look right past em when they gawking
Count at least a dozen women with our faces in their lockets
Yea they talk just like they move
Bout a million miles a minute
And they love to see us sweat
So they push us to our limits
We intended to indulge em till we got our last call
So we chase our indiscretion down
With one more swig of alcohol
Track Name: Low Tops (Klopfenpop Mix)
I’m like coyote recommended acme grade type dynamite
Yea I’m hotter than a kamikaze suicide
Radiation tan line
Shinning when we cut lights
I’m preying on your weakness
Like I’m fuckin made of kryptonite
That’s some retro noise
For them retro boys
Urban outfitters, where they get them “retro” toys
The scene
Its all about whats so hot
Keyboard courage
On a shitty hipster blogspot
They play like buccaneers and pirate all the indie hits
Play it on the radio
Nah I think I’m through with it
Careful that you don’t forget
Them other boys be flexin
You’ve got to guarantee now that youre the one shes sextin
I’m doin everything to make you mine but
I’m thinking maybe we’ve had too wine but
If you tebow when you should have captain morganed
Yea youre gonna have a bad time
We aint lookin for a bad time

I am a gun slinger
Itchy trigger finger
A three ring leader just like Jerry Springer
I don’t wear a mask
I’m way too vain
Call me Mr. Clemens
Who the hell is Mark Twain

We came to sweat it out and drowning in a sea of sound
Red lights clinging to our brushes when we paint the town
We keep on sippin so we’re
Wired and committed
So we crank it to eleven
And we don’t stop get it, get it
Sarsaparillas and low tops
Bubble burstin that blow pop
Karaoke that alt. rock
Battle rappin that hip hop
It’s best to go with the flow
And you don’t need an excuse
You need to set them blues aside
And pick up on them cues to
Get loose
And get some moxy in them shoes
Inhibition out your head
And some thrust in that caboose
Strobe light seizures
Infect you in your knees
And now I’m movin like they struck by a disease cause
All these earthquakes taught me to dance
And I, I just rode a tsunami to France
But just keep hastlin me
That’s all really need
Cause each and every disaster betters me